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Great success for sewing day for period poverty

Volunteers in Dilton Marsh managed to make an impressive 200 reusable sanitary pads on Saturday 25th March to support refugees across the world at the fourth sewing day organised by Holy Trinity Church/Eco Church.

The sanitary pads were made in support of the Pachamama Project charity which is a volunteer-run, not-for-profit organisation of volunteers who make reusable sanitary pads for refugees around the world who are dealing with period poverty.

Period poverty is the lack of availability and access to sanitary products. This causes many women to resort to using scraps of tissue or even socks which can lead to infections. The charity was started by Bristol University student Ella Lambert in 2020 during the first Covid Lockdown.

“On the day, 25 ladies and one young lad arrived at Dilton Marsh Memorial Hall equipped with sewing machines and scissors to help at Sewing Day four,” said the organisers of the Dilton sewing day.

“200 pads were produced, and these will go to support the work being done, by the project, in the Lebanon, Uganda, Ukraine and many other counties where there is a need by refugees and vulnerable people.

“The first sewing day was held in October 2021 April, this was followed by sewing days two and three last year, when they answered an urgent request for pads to go to war torn Ukraine; 16,000 were sent by the project.

“For those who want to help make pads, but are unable to attend the sewing days, kits of materials have been put together to be sewn at home.”

If you are interested in helping contact Lynne on office@whtministry.org.uk