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Walking scheme gets people moving!

A FREE walking scheme across the county, Get Wiltshire Walking, aims to ensure that every community has access to a weekly led walk to keep them active, with one in Westbury every Thursday.  

Get Wiltshire Walking is a Public Health-funded project. Westbury’s weekly walk is on Thursdays starting at the White Horse Health Centre at 9.30am, with three different walking options. If you are fit and able, there is the Strider Walk, which is a largely continuous walk between 60-90 minutes across variable terrain and may contain some gradients. 

There is also the Stroller Walk for those who walk at a slower pace, with some pauses across variable terrain which lasts from 45-60 minutes. They have also introduced what is known to them as the ‘Snail Group’ who enjoy walking, but occasionally only walk half-a-mile. 

Walking is the lowest risk of all physical activities yet produces massive benefits to physical fitness and mental wellbeing. Currently there are around 30-40 members. It is a great way to explore your own local area and can be a really excellent way to make new friends and learn more about your immediate community. After the walks, the groups usually meet at the Fairfield Farm College cafe for coffee and chats where walkers  can meet new people. 

For more information please contact Louise Gale, walk coordinator for Wiltshire Council on louise. gale@wiltshire.gov.uk, phone 07342 066608 or visit www.walkingfor health. org.uk.