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More residential double yellow lines proposed to thwart inconsiderate parking

RELIEF may be on the horizon for residents who are frustrated by inconsiderate parking. Wiltshire Council has proposed the introduction of new Traffic Regulation Orders (TROs), including more double yellow lines, on problem streets in the town.

Westbury Town Council held an extraordinary meeting of their highways planning and development committee to discuss these proposals on Monday 6th August.

The suggestions had been made to Wiltshire Council by highway engineers during the annual parking review, which included comments from local people.

The first street discussed was Arundell Close, leading to Bitham Brook Primary School. Residents were concerned during school drop-off and pick-up hours that parents were inconsiderately parking on the roads, obstructing access to driveways.

Wiltshire Council has proposed double yellow lines opposite the T-junction nearest to the school, which has been accepted by the majority of the residents, and now endorsed by the town council.

Bitham Mill  was discussed for similar reasons of inconsiderate parking and obstructing driveways and parking areas. The proposal was to keep the existing double yellow lines at the entrance to Bitham Mill and extend them, continuing into the street. It was suggested that additional yellow lines  be introduced towards the pond area. Town councillors backed this proposal, to the delight of a resident in attendance at the meeting.

Phoenix Rise was discussed due to a safety concern caused by parking on the junction, with visibility and safety concerns for residents. The proposal was to keep the existing yellow lines at the entrance and extend these on the same side, whilst introducing new lines opposite the junction. Town councillors supported this scheme.

At Primmers Place, residents have voiced concern about parking and raised fears that emergency services would not be able to reach houses due to inconsiderate parking.

Wiltshire Council’s proposal is to extend the existing yellow lines on Station Road, for the whole of the entrance road to Primmers Place, continuing around the corners to prevent obstruction and to assist emergency services and refuse collection vehicles.

However, a resident in attendance, who felt strongly about the length of time local people had waited for something to be done, questioned the proposal. She suggested that the placement of double yellow lines will only force people to park further within the development, causing bigger issues.

Town councillors agreed and will suggest an amendment to Wiltshire Council that the yellow lines should be restricted to the street corners and opposite junctions.

The Butts was discussed and it was proposed that the existing yellow lines be extended and meet up opposite house number 11 as this area was being used to park vehicles, obstructing residents’ driveways.

Town councillors agreed with the proposal to introduce yellow lines in Willoughby Close at the end of the road, to deter the obstruction of driveways’ turning areas.

At The Tynings and Green Lane, it is proposed to introduce double yellow lines on the corners of junctions to deter their obstruction and for clearer visibility.

Highway engineers have also drawn attention to Church Street, Westbury Leigh and Cleveland Way, saying that further investigation is necessary before proposals are made in these areas.

Westbury Town Council’s comments about the proposals and changes will now be sent back to Wiltshire Council.

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