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Croquet anyone?

WOULD you like to try your hand at croquet? The game of skill, strategy, angles, tactics and guile is available at Leighton Recreation Centre this summer.
Leighton Recreation Centre is hosting an afternoon of croquet each Tuesday between 2.30-4.30pm. All are welcome to come and try the sport.
Croquet: six hoops, four balls, two mallets and a patch of grass. It sounds easy enough but croquet is a game of skill and strategy, angles, tactics, guile. It is a bit like snooker on grass. Will your balls get through the hoops and peg out before your opponent’s?
Croquet offers sport, friendship, fun and competition. For further information on the sport look at The Croquet Association website www.croquet.org.uk
For further information about the session telephone Leighton Recreation Centre on 01373 824900 or Menna Milnes on 07392 464 419.