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New roundabout is a ‘very bad accident waiting to happen’

DRIVERS have expressed concern about the new road layout sign for the recently-built roundabout, on the A350 in Westbury.  They say that  that the new road layout is not clear for drivers and that the sign is invisible to drivers, due to the hedge  being overgrown.

Online comments have raised concern that the new road layout is not clearly signposted, which will cause confusion to those who are not aware of the new roundabout, with one resident commenting online that it is a ‘very bad accident waiting to happen’.

Martin Lewis, on Spotted Westbury said, “With no lighting over the new roundabout, as the roundabout is off to one side your eyes are drawn to the roundabout further ahead that is lit up and before you know it, the new roundabout appears out of no-where.”

Tracy Sheppard added, “This has been my argument for ages!! It’s bloody ridiculous! No lighting anywhere around either!! And it has not been there for months!!”

The signpost that has recently been erected has also been criticised for not serving its purpose, due to it being hidden by overgrown hedges. Local people are questioning why Wiltshire Council has not cut the hedge. Because of the overgrown hedging, they say the pathway is now too narrow, causing pedestrians to step into the road, endangering them and the road users.

Robin Mark said, “Don’t even get me started on the hedges hanging over the path on the other side of the road, leaving pedestrians having to step into the road because it’s is now so narrow. Basic stuff that needs attention.”

In response to the concerns, a Wiltshire Council spokesperson said, “We are aware of the situation, and are in discussions with the developer to rectify the issues here as a matter of urgency.”