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Business as usual at the Beeches Veterinary Centre

CHANGES are afoot at the Beeches Veterinary Centre in Melksham with the departure of much-loved vet and clinical director, Trevor Warner – but the practice promises that it is business as usual at the busy vets, with the same level of high quality service and support on offer.

Practice manager Ellen Burch says, “Jill and Trevor Warner opened the Beeches Veterinary Centre in 2006 and it has grown from strength to strength. It now employs four veterinary surgeons, seven qualified veterinary nurses and four support staff (including Donna and Sarah who have been with the practice from the very beginning).

“At the end of 2016, Jill and Trevor decided to sell the practice, but have since continued to run the centre in exactly the same way, in their roles as clinical director and practice manager.

“It has been their long-term goal to move/venture to Scotland, so in January this year Jill retired and Trevor will leave on July 31st, exactly 12 years from the day the practice started.

“The Beeches has always been their love and passion, so they are delighted that the running of the practice will continue in the very capable hands of Sarah Hultin (veterinary surgeon/clinical director) and myself Ellen Burch as practice manager.

“The practice will continue with the same high standards and ideals. All staff will be staying, although an unexpected ‘baby boom’ means there will be some changes in the short term.  Abi, Abbie, Kim and Danni will be leaving in the next few months to have their babies and Sophie and Jenny will be returning from maternity leave very soon.

“Jill and Trevor say a very big thank you to all the clients and their pets that have made working at the Beeches so special.

“Trevor may well be back to locum at times as after 35 years in the area, it is very hard to say goodbye to such special people and their pets.

“All of us at the Beeches Veterinary Centre would like to wish Jill and Trevor all the best for their next chapter.”