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An evening of Jazz at Edington Priory

EDINGTON Priory Church is welcoming back jazz musician, Rossano Sportiello, for an evening concert on Friday 8th June.

Rossano was born in Vivegano, Italy and is a graduate of Milan Music Academy.  Although classically trained, he took an interest in jazz while at university and joined the legendary Milan Jazz Gang while still a student.

In 2002 he appeared with trombonist Dan Barrett`s band at the Ascona Festival and was invited to join their subsequent tour of Italy.  Through this connection he became known in the USA. and took part in the Arbors Festival in Florida in 2003.

Maggie Atterbury, of Edington Priory Church, met Rossano when he took Ralph Sutton’s place in a UK tour in 2004 and played at her Woking Jazz Circle.  These days he lives in New York which seems to be an ideal hub for his many international tours.

The concert begins at 7.30pm with tickets priced at £12. To buy tickets call Maggie Atterbury on 01380 830452.