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New roundabout still causing disruption

MAJOR disruption continues on Trowbridge Road, with work now set to continue until after Easter.

Work on the A350, Trowbridge Road,  started on Monday 8th January and was anticipated to finish by Wednesday 28th February, but has now been extended to finish by the first week of April. Major delays have been caused by the work, with drivers waiting in lengthy queues in peak periods.

Critics are also angry after the developers appeared to dig up and re-do parts of the roundabout. Speculation around the town has suggested that the original building of the roundabout proved too narrow for large vehicles to drive around.

The work – to construct a roundabout into the new housing development – is being undertaken by DR Groundworks Limited.

White Horse News contacted the company asking to comment on the delay caused by the incorrect sizing of the roundabout.

Simon Thatcher of DR Groundworks Limited said, “The surface course is being laid on the 28th March, and the white lining is going down on the 3rd April, so we’ll be off the Trowbridge Road the first week of April.”

However, when prompted for a comment on the delay, the company has not responded by the time White Horse News went to press.

A spokesperson for Wiltshire Council said, “The roundabout has been modified from its original design to eliminate an over-run area in blockwork (replaced by blacktop, to be colour treated), and to increase over-run provision, which had proved in practice to have been too tight for the longer vehicles using the junction (there was evidence of over-ride on the central island).  It will not be larger in terms of ICD, but will have a larger circulatory area.”

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