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Campaign to help the homeless

Sarah Jones

LOCAL woman, Sarah Jones, has set up a Facebook page, where people can donate items to be distributed to local homeless people.

Sarah, who lives in Westbury, has created a Facebook group ‘Helping the homeless in the South West’ and is dedicated to providing homeless people with the essentials to help make their lives better.

Sarah told White Horse News, “I started by just wanting to donate back in October and then it became apparent what a need there was. So I started collecting items such as clothes, toiletries, sleeping bags and tents from friends and with my husband, began distributing it to those in need.

“I then set up the Facebook page and was overwhelmed with the response. I try and get donated items out to the local area as often as possible and also have several people who help out in many ways. Once a month I arrange a big distribution in Bath, Salisbury or Bristol where we hit the streets handing out what we can.

“I’m very fortunate to have the essentials in life and felt I could give something to those less fortunate. I have met some amazing people on this journey and also heard some tragic stories.

“If people want to donate then please join  my Facebook page and keep up to date with what is required. I am regularly updating what we are in need of. It is hard work and very time consuming, but the response from the people we are helping makes it all worth while.

“I think it is tragic that people have to live in such conditions and in fear every day. Everyone can just do a little to make a difference.”

Sarah’s latest update on her Facebook page posted a list of required items for her to distribute including sleeping bags, floor mats, men’s trousers size 32 to 38, men’s and ladies socks, boxer shorts, knickers, waterproof coats suitable for spring, trainers or boots, 2-man tents, men’s toiletries, men’s and ladies’ t-shirts.

If you can help, join the group on Facebook and contact Sarah to arrange for collection.

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