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Finding Eliza Carr

Westbury Area Family History Group will welcome Terry Ransome on Thursday 22nd March who will give a talk entitled ‘Finding Eliza Carr.’

While Terry was working at the British Schools Museum in Hitchin, they acquired a needlework sampler, worked by Eliza Tabitha Carr and dated 1865. But who was Eliza? What could be found out about her?

This talk tells Eliza’s story, from her birth in Wiltshire to her death in Somerset in 1919. A pupil at the British School, Bratton, the talk follows Eliza through a move to London, and her return to the West Country. It also gives an insight into how girls were taught in the ‘British’ system of education in the mid 1800s. This talk will be of great interest to local history and family history researchers.

The Westbury Area Family History Group meets every fourth Thursday of the month at 7.15pm in the foyer of Westbury’s Methodist Church. The branch has regular interesting and informative talks and discussions by members and guest speakers on all aspects of family history and general history