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Summer Dining Feature 2016

With everyone leading busy lives, it’s not surprising that each year more people are choosing to eat out on a regular basis. 

For many it gives the opportunity for a break from food shopping and cooking – either on a weekday/evening or for Sunday lunch.  And it can be important for a whole range of other reasons – perhaps catch-up time for a busy couple or a chance to meet up for the whole family and enjoy quality time together – without dashing in and out of a hot kitchen!

Today, there are so many choices available.  For some people, home-made dishes like your mother used to cook may hit the mark, perhaps followed up by a school memory-evoking satisfying pudding!  For others, a more sophisticated menu and a well-stocked wine cellar or local brews may be important, or tempting dishes from other cultures.

For some diners, child-friendly facilities are all important, with menus and high chairs for little ones and perhaps space to relax. Also, depending on the members of your party, catering for special diets may be an important consideration.

Many venues now have special offers on particular days of the week, so look out for those to take advantage.

If you are thinking of planning a special occasion such as anniversary, birthday, wedding, or Christening, why not speak to the staff at a venue where you enjoy eating out – find out what they can offer for that special day – and let them take the burden of cooking and planning off your hands so you can relax and enjoy the day.

White Horse News has made a start for you – here is a guide of local places to eat out and the good news is – they are right on your doorstep!

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