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New mayor for Westbury

Stephen Andrews (left) and Gordon King.

Stephen Andrews (left) and Gordon King.

The new Mayor of Westbury, Stephen Andrews will be joined by deputy mayor Gordon King after the pair were elected last month.

Councillor Andrews took over from the out-going mayor cllr David Bradshaw  at the annual town council meeting last month. Cllr Andrews previously served as deputy mayor.

“This is quite a step up for me,” cllr Andrews said. “I didn’t imagine I would  ever be mayor when I joined the council ten years ago, but I’m very much looking forward to it.

“I’m pleased to have been elected by the council; it’s an important position from which I will represent the town across the county and help to raise the profile of Westbury.

“The mayor gets to see a lot of what goes on behind the scenes in the town, and the good work that local people do every day – I’m looking forward to seeing a new side of the community.”

Cllr Andrews moved to Westbury 11 years ago. He is a member for the Westbury East ward and represents the Conservative Party.

The mayor has chosen to support two charities during his year in office; Carer Support Wiltshire, and Welfare of the Elderly, a Westbury charity which runs activities for ageing people at Grassacres Hall.

Cllr Gordon King has been elected deputy mayor for 2016/17, having served as mayor once before in 1999/2000.

Cllr King is a member for Westbury East ward and is one of the town’s three Wiltshire county councillors. Cllr King has served Westbury Town Council since 1991 and represents the Liberal Democrats.