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New caretaker to keep Westbury spick and span

WESTBURYwill be ship-shape for the summer now the new town caretaker is out on the streets, continuing maintenance work no longer carried out Wiltshire Council following council cuts.

Andrew Thomas, Westbury Town Council’s newly-appointed caretaker, will be on hand three days a week to carry out  cleaning and maintenance work across the town, to ensure public areas are kept in good condition.

Andrew, who moved to Westbury from Norfolk a few years ago said, “I’m looking forward to the job; hopefully it will be interesting work and it’s definitely a good way for me to get to know the town  and the community better. I think it’s important to give something back to the place where you live.

“This is the first time the town council has employed a caretaker for the town, so we’re not sure exactly what to expect yet. The role will grow as we learn more about what needs doing and what people ask of us.

“I’ll be out and about most days and would be happy for people to approach me for a chat or to let me know what they think needs doing in the town.”

Andrew will take on some of the jobs that are no longer to be carried out by county council contractors, as cuts have seen responsibility for services such as flower beds and public toilets handed down to the town council.