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Anti-fracking campaigners continue to spread the word

ANTI-FRACKING campaigners have continued their fight to encourage people to oppose gas exploration in the area, and have been canvassing in Westbury and listened to a talk from hunger striker, Gayzer Frackman.

The Frack Free Westbury group were out and about in the town talking to local people and delivering leaflets, and held a film night at the Laverton on Thursday 28th April.

Campaigner Val Jarvis said, “The turnout for the film night was good. It demonstrated the need for awareness by the public of the potential dangers that unconventional gas extraction could bring to the area.

“Of those that did attend, many were shocked that this could be happening in Westbury and were grateful that it had been brought to their attention.

“Some who came to the film showing have said they will join Frack Free Westbury and we look forward to welcoming them. Any other people interested in the group are welcome to come to our next meeting on Wednesday 4th May in The Horse and Groom at 7.30pm.”

Campaigners in the area also went to a talk by anti-fracking hunger striker Gayzer Frackman, who visited the Old Bell in Warminster last month.

Gayzer was on day 17 of his hunger strike and spoke to the group Keep Wiltshire Frack Free about the ongoing campaign in Lancashire.

To find out more about local campaigners join  Frack Free Westbury on Facebook or go to www.whitehorsewestbury.com or email fracking@whitehorsewestbury.com