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Frome Hoard finder visits Dilton WI

The ladies of Dilton Marsh WI were delighted to welcome metal detectorist, Dave Crisp, – famed for his finding of the Frome Hoard in April 2010 – to their April meeting.  

Working as a chef Dave spent much of his free time metal detecting on farmland in Frome and one day came across scatterings of small Roman silver coins.  Keeping the farmer informed, these coins were discovered again over the next few days, along with pieces of pottery and broken silver bits. Finally the high achievement of a pot of bronze coins was found in the middle of what seemed nowhere.

This finding was reported to the authorities which is a legal requirement, and along with an archaeologist who dug a square of one and a half metres around the find, 52,503 coins were found in three days’ excavation. These were protected overnight by a sleepover in a tent over the hole.

These are the largest collection of Roman coins found in Britain in one pot and are on display in the British Museum.

Following his discovery Dave’s fame spread far and wide, with appearances on various television shows including a game show in Japan where his appearance was greatly enjoyed.

Helen Bolwell announced that the May meeting would be a fish and chip supper followed by the presentation of two WI resolutions 1. Avoid food waste, address food poverty. 2. Appropriate care in hospitals for people with dementia. This will be held on Thursday 12th May at 7.30pm.