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2 speakers at Dilton Marsh Mothers’ Union

Dilton Marsh Mothers’ Union welcomed two speakers from the West Wiltshire women’s refuge, as we met at the home of Enid Holbrow, on Thursday 7th April. 

We learned of the day-to-day  situations which see mothers and children brought to the refuge, usually many miles from their own homes, the children’s schools, friends and all that is familiar. The suffering can be emotional as well as physical, with a stay of anything from a few days or up to a year whilst  housing, schooling and financial assistance can be sorted out.

The refuge is grateful for the voluntary donations from individuals, Mothers’ Union groups and  local businesses  to help them in their work. We were pleased to give our speakers a selection of toiletries and towels to help them, as we thanked them for all they had been able to tell us of their work.