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Westbury Shed build new cabin for children’s centre

WESTBURY Shed has built a brand new cabin for the 4Children Centre on Eden Vale Road. 

Chairman Dan Gmaj said, “We are delighted to have been able to assist the 4Children Centre by building a shiny new cabin at their premises off Eden Vale Road and have plans afoot to work with other community groups and Westbury Town Council too. We are hoping for a great year for all involved and affected by our work.

“The search for a workshop facility for Westbury Shed goes on, but there is a warm light at the end of the spacious tunnel and hopes are high that Wiltshire Council may soon bring some publicly-owned vacant property back in to full community usage, fingers crossed!

“Did I mention our new website? Look no further than www.westburyshed.org and don’t forget we are on Facebook and good old fashioned talking phone too.

“We have a fun informal meeting at the Leigh Park Community Centre every third Friday of the month (next on April 15th) so come along and be nosy. We would love to meet you.” westburyshed@gmail.com 01373 865 057