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Ticket officer retires after nearly 40 years

After 37 years of working in Westbury Railway Station ticket office, David Randall is retiring in March.

Described as an almost permanent fixture, back in 1979 when things were a lot less complicated, Dave joined the railway after a career as a radio operator in the Merchant Navy, Ironically after travelling the world, his second career kept him in just the one place.

Westbury Station says, “During his time with the rail industry Dave has seen off many employers, outlasting them all, having enough uniforms and name badges to stock a heritage railway.

“Over the years, Dave has trained many of the existing staff in the local area, so his expertise has been spread far and wide, and his patience and calmness makes him an ideal trainer.

“Dave isn’t always seen at the window, his specific role mostly keeps him out of view, banking all the takings from the guards on the trains, or offering advice to the further afield ticket offices when they have a question that needs answering, Although sometimes he can be found behind the screen munching away on a bacon sandwich, reading his bible (the Racing Post.)

“So please feel free to pop down and say your farewells, although he will be making a guest appearance in April as he has to pop back and run the Grand National sweepstake!”