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New stairlift a helping hand at local dentist

DELICATEDentistry on Hospital Road recently installed a stairlift outside the surgery entrance to improve access for  patients.

The surgery is at the top of a flight of steps which, staff say, some patients find difficult to climb. A stairlift was installed in January to offer a helping hand to visitors.

Practice owner and dentist Mark Saliba said, “Our patients have told us they’re very happy about the stairlift being installed. Some had even had to stop coming because the stairs were too steep, but are pleased to be able to come again.

“Dentistry is a caring profession and we’re a caring surgery; it’s important that people feel safe and comfortable coming here. Quite a significant number of our patients could benefit from the stairlift, and it has probably been used every day since it was installed.

“I’ve been here for 20 years and we have a lot of loyal patients; it’s encouraging for them and for us that they can continue to come here and get the service they want.”

Delicate Dentistry is at 1 Hospital Road, Westbury and has free patient parking outside. To find out more about the services on offer call 01373 822229 or go to www.delicate-dentristry.co.uk