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Andrew Murrison MP named UK Trade Envoy to Morocco and Tunisia

Dr. Andrew Murrison MP was named by the Prime Minister as the UK’s new Trade Envoy to Morocco and Tunisia on Tuesday 19th January.

As Deputy Chairman, and former Chair, of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Morocco, Andrew Murrison has been a long-standing supporter of Morocco.  Trade Envoys are a network of PM appointed parliamentarians from across the political spectrum. Trade Envoys engage with one or more emerging markets where UK Trade and Investment (UKTI) has identified substantial trade and investment opportunities.

They support the drive for economic growth by building on the UK’s existing relations with these markets and maximising bilateral trade – thereby generating real and long term benefits for the UK.

The Kingdom of Morocco has led the way in staring down Muslim extremism, with Andrew Murrisson calling Morocco a ‘beacon hope in the Islamic world’ in the House of Commons (12/01/2016).

With populations of 33million and 10.8million respectively, Morocco and Tunisia are exciting emerging markets and have great potential as trading partners with the United Kingdom.

Andrew Murrisson MP said, “It is a pleasure to be given the responsibility of representing the United Kingdom in trade discussions with Morocco and Tunisia. I am especially pleased, given the high number of Moroccan residents living in Trowbridge, and I am looking forward to developing greater links between these two economies and the UK.”