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Open Labour Party gathering in Warminster

SW Wilts Labour Party is inviting people to an open gathering inspired by the recent leadership victory of Jeremy Corbyn. 

The meeting to be held in Warminster Civic Centre at 7.00pm on Thursday 21st January and is open to anyone who wants to know more about Labour’s policies. Local Housing and Fracking will be key issues to be covered. The meeting follows one held in Trowbridge which attracted a packed hall of local people.

SW Wilts Labour party is enjoying a huge influx of members. Last year’s total of 114 members has now risen to over 600 Members and Supporters. There are now over 70 members in Warminster alone.

Mike Sutton, Chair of SW Wiltshire Labour Party said, “It is really encouraging that so many people are showing interest in Corbyn’s new style of honest politics. Local People’s views are now going to be an important part of how Labour shape policies. Something which none of the parties have been doing up to now.”