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Local credit union on hand to help with saving and budgeting

IFthe Christmas period has left your wallet feeling worse for wear, your local credit union is on hand to help you save or prepare for the next big spend.

West Wiltshire Credit Union is a community-led bank that lets members save their money safely, take out low-interest loans, and people can receive interest in the form of dividends.

The union has open days at community branches across the county. In Westbury, advisers are on hand from 10am to 11.30am every Friday at the Laverton on Bratton Road.

Local councillor and union member Sue Ezra says, “The Credit Union has had another good year in which we have encouraged people within the town to save regularly  for those extra expenses that crop up during the year, or maybe to save for Christmas.

“The Credit Union also gives information regarding how to budget their  account and bills over the year. If a new customer saves regularly over a period of 10 weeks and can provide information of income, then they are able to borrow twice what they have saved over that time.

“We are now back at the Laverton, Bratton Road, Westbury, after a Christmas break and look forward to meeting old and new members.”

The union can offer a cheaper alternative to credit cards and payday loans, with an APR of just 12.78% for its members.

For more information go to www.wiltscommunitybank.co.uk