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Healthy Lifestyle Sessions ‘New Year New You’

A session held to provide advice and support to people to get healthier, has proven to be popular in Westbury.

The Healthy Lifestyle Sessions, which take place every Monday from 11.30am to 2.30pm at Leigh Park Community Centre, started in the new year and were well attended by local residents. At the first session held on Monday 4th January, people were also given the opportunity to have a free cholesterol and blood pressure check.

The sessions will continue to be held every Monday from 11.30am to 2.30pm and people are encouraged to drop-in at any point during that time to get advice and support to get healthier.

The sessions are an ideal opportunity for people to discuss changes they would like to make to their lives in order to become healthier.

Sandra Scovell and Deb Griffin from Wiltshire Council, who run the sessions, are available to offer support and advice on:

• Eating healthier and become a healthy weight •         Smoking habits, cutting down and going smoke free • Being more active •        Alcohol awareness and drinking less alcohol •         Improvement of general wellbeing

Anyone wanting to come and find out more about what is available would be most welcome. For more information, anyone interested should call 0300 003 4562 or email Sandra.Scovell@wiltshire .gov.uk