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Westbury Lions continue to roar!

Lion President Jarvis MacDonald welcomed another two new members at last month’s club meeting, continuing the strong growth of Westbury Lions Club.  

With the membership now up to 42, the club is one of the largest in the south west.

“Craig Strout and Nigel Ricketts joined the Westbury Lions team after attending several meetings and fundraising events to find out more about what we do and deciding to be involved,” said Jarvis. “Nigel has been actively involved in community events for several years, assisting with the Music and Arts Festival in particular.

“Craig is also active in the community with his wife Michelle, who joined   as a member just a couple of months ago. With our membership up to 42 now, the club is in second position in terms of size of all clubs in our district – the top spot being currently held by Jersey Lions Club.”

The district covers a vast area of nearly 70 Lions clubs, from Windsor and Reading in the East to  Blandford Forum and Shaftesbury in the West and down to Portsmouth and Southampton on the coast and over to the Channel Islands.

“We have a really great atmosphere at the club and we are finding lots of new ways of reaching those in the community who need our help the most,” continued Jarvis. Our club has members from all walks of life, and this recipe makes for a great social group, as well as a strong team for fundraising and laying on community activities.

“Our aim is to continue our growth, claim the top spot and to stand as a strong example of how clubs and organisations can adapt in modern times to continue to attract new membership while supporting the community.”

For more details, visit www.westburylions.org.uk