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Woman completes sponsored walk for friend in need

A WOMAN from Westbury has successfully completed a sponsored walk to raise money for a friend who needs a kidney transplant.

Hannah Stone completed the six miles in three hours 15 minutes and has so far raised £3,500.

Hannah is trying to raise funds for her friend Cony, who lives in the Far East, who urgently needs a kidney transplant. Her medical insurance won’t cover the transplant, so Hannah is trying to help pay for the treatment.

The walk was always going to be a challenge for Hannah, having recently recovered from cancer. But with the support of family friends, she completed the full six miles.

Hannah’s dad Andrew said, “It was absolutely amazing. The sun shone, the scenery was gorgeous, we didn’t get lost and no-one got a blister or wet feet. But most importantly Hannah walked the 6 miles in two and three quarter hours and has so far raised well over £3,000 so far.

“Hannah has never walked six miles in her life before, five miles was the previous longest. She was tired afterwards, but a meal in the Harvester across the road from Old Sarum helped revive us all – the piece of chocolate fudge cake she was served had to be seen to be believed.

“At the beginning of this week, Susan had blistered feet, I had a heavy cold and storm Barney was on its way. That the day turned out as it did is all about God being so gracious and loving to us and hearing all those of you who were praying for us and the weather.

“It was a bit raw as we left the car, but the wind was only in our faces some of the time. The views around Old Sarum and the River Avon were lovely – clear blue sky and very green fields. We encountered a rather bolshy turkey, some very friendly horses and some curious alpacas on our way, which added interest.

“It was lovely that Hannah had her friend Hannah-Faith Heaps with her for the walk as it meant she didn’t have to put up with boring old mum and dad for three hours.

“Thank you again for your prayers and generous gifts. If you haven’t donated yet and would like to, her crowdfunding page is open for another few weeks yet.”

The link is https://crowdfunding.justgiving.com/hannah-stone