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Westbury town council to look after flower beds

Ian Cunningham, chair of the Town Improvements Committee and Keith Harvey, town clerk

Ian Cunningham, chair of the Town Improvements Committee and Keith Harvey, town clerk

WESTBURY Town Council is to take over the responsibility of flowerbed maintenance as Wiltshire Council will no longer provide the service.

Wiltshire Council has announced it will no longer be maintaining the flower beds in Westbury but Westbury Town Council plan to take over the upkeep.

The town council has arranged for winter flowers outside the library and war memorial but responsibility for future maintenance will be discussed and confirmed with Wiltshire Council.

Westbury mayor, cllr David Bradshaw said, “The town council has already taken the necessary provisions to ensure the flowers remain because we believe they are an important feature in the town.

“We have worked hard during the last year to keep the town looking tidy and vibrant and we hope to maintain this for the forseeable future.”

Town Clerk, Keith Harvey said, “Westbury Town Council has always been proud of its floral displays and are keen to keep them, rather than having them grassed over.

“We have decided to arrange for winter bedding and the council will be discussing future arrangements. This is just one service the town council will be investigating as Wiltshire Council is looking to town and parish councils to take over other services in the future, possibly to include toilets.

“Taking on any services will have a cost implication which the council will need to take into consideration when preparing future budgets.”

Philip Whitehead, cabinet member for highways at Wiltshire Council said, “We are offering community groups and town and parish councils the opportunity to take over the maintenance of  flowerbeds in their local areas.

“It has been well publicised that we have to make year on year savings, while still doing everything we can to look after the most vulnerable people in Wiltshire. As a result, we are keen to work with communities to help them to do more for themselves.”