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Westbury sisters chop off their locks for charity

TWOsisters from Westbury will be having their long hair chopped off to raise money for The Little Princess Trust, on 15th December. 

Tia and Phoebe Pickering would like to raise £700 which would pay for two wigs to be made for children who have lost their hair due to illness.

Their sister Charley said, “After reading an article about what the charity do, Phoebe decided she wanted to donate her hair, Tia said she would do the same.

“Phoebe has never cut her hair and Tia has been growing hers for a few years now so they plan to donate at least 8 inches each.

“It is a big deal for them to have their hair cut off but they said, knowing that their small act would bring happiness to other children made it an easy decision.

“This is not the first time they have raised money for charity. A few years ago they had a joint birthday party with their brother and donated half the money they received as a gift to the Heart Foundation.

“They know first hand about loss as their beloved dad Leigh Pickering passed suddenly five years ago. So raising money for charity gives them a chance to help others that have lost something too.

“The Hair Company will be cutting their hair on the 15th December and the girls would love to exceed their target of £700.

“They are incredibly kind hearted and selfless and I’m so very proud of them.”

To sponsor Tia and Phoebe visit www.justgiving.com/Tia-and-Phoebe-Pickering