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Woman takes on personal challenge for friend in need

AWOMAN from Westbury is raising money for a friend who urgently needs a kidney transplant.

Hannah Stone is taking part in a sponsored walk to raise money for her friend, Cony, who lives in the Far East, who needs a kidney transplant. Unfortunately, her medical insurance won’t cover the transplant so Hannah is trying to help raise funds to pay for the treatment.

Hearing that her friend needed a kidney transplant struck a chord with Hannah because in 2013 she had to have a kidney transplant herself.

Then in 2014 shortly after starting university, Hannah was diagnosed with lymphona, but after various treatment, she was given the all-clear.

Hannah said, “I feel very happy that now I have the chance to live a more normal life, although I am a little uncertain about what the next step might be. Cancer has made me realise how blessed I am with all the friends and family who have been a great support to me over the last year.

“At the moment Cony  has dialysis when she can afford to so her quality of life goes up and down  considerably. A transplant would mean she wouldn’t need dialysis and would have much better health all the time.

“Having had a kidney transplant myself, I know what a life-changing thing a transplant can be and I want to help. I’m looking forward to the walk. I do enjoy walking, and is one thing I really love doing with my parents. I still get quite tired, as a result of the cancer treatment I received, so six miles will be a big challenge.

“The most I have done  is only about three miles. Because of this, we aren’t going to attempt to do it in a certain time, just take it steady to ensure that I have the best chance of completing the walk.”

If anyone would like to donate, please contact susan.stone@tiscali.co.uk or visit www.crowdfunding.justgiving.com/hannah-stone