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New parking charges

NEW parking charges are now in force in three Wiltshire Council-owned car parks in Westbury, following a  county-wide consultation earlier this year.

New rates will apply from 8am to 6pm Monday to Saturday in the car parks on High Street, Warminster Road and at Westfield House. New charges at the High Street car park are: 1hr – 30p, 2hrs – 80p, 3hrs – £1.40, 4hrs – £2, 5hrs – £3, and all day – £5.

New charges at Warminster Road Zone A and Westfield House are: 1hr – 20p, 2hrs – 70p, 3hrs – £1.20, 4hrs – £1.80, 5hrs – £2.50, and all day – £4.

The changes, which came into force on 26th October, followed a parking review which was the largest ever carried out in the county and included a 12-week public consultation last year.