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No appeal for Thoulstone Farm wind turbine

THE deadline for developers to appeal against  the refusal of permission to erect a wind turbine in Chapmanslade, has now expired without an appeal being made.

local residents and  campaigners have breathed a sigh of relief as the six month period in which Seren Energy can appeal against Wiltshire Council’s decision to refuse planning for the 87m structure to be built, has ended.

Wiltshire Council rejected the plans on the grounds that it would have a ‘significant and detrimental effect on the character of the landscape.”

The council was also dissatisfied with the information provided regarding the noise the turbine would make and its impact on the local historic environment, nor did they believe that the application had been undertaken in accordance with Historic England’s published guidelines.

Chairman of the protest group, Stop Thoulstone Farm Wind Turbine, Julian Bower said, “So the possibility of an industrial wind turbine at Thoulstone Farm has finally been laid to rest. This is a tremendous relief for all those directly affected and also has avoided the danger of establishing a precedent for wind turbines in Wiltshire.”

Spokesperson for the group, Tim Page said, “The Stop Thoulstone Farm Wind Turbine group are pleased that the Swansea developer has seen fit not to appeal the refusal of planning permission for the 87m (285 feet) tall wind turbine at Thoulstone, near Chapmanslade.

“We are witnessing the beginning of the end of industrial scale wind turbines being built in lowland Britain close to people’s homes.  Not only are wind turbines unpopular locally in every district in which they are ever threatened to be erected, but, without the support of long term and massive Government subsidy, developers are finding that wind turbines are simply not financially viable.”