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Blogger’s brush with showbiz

ABLOGGER from Westbury has been rubbing shoulders with sci-fi stars after getting the opportunity to interview and meet a number of actors and actresses, and is hoping to use his website’s popularity to promote local causes.

Local man Peter Rodwell, via his website www.skatronixxx.com, has recently interviewed people from programmes including Star Trek, Supernatural and The Walking Dead. He is hoping to use the popularity of his website to give exposure to local charities and musicians.

Among the people interviewed by Peter were Mariana Sirtis and Michael Dorn (Deanna Troi and Lieutenant Worf in Star Trek: The Next Generation), Jim Beaver (Bobby Singer in Supernatural), Richard Ruccolo (Pete Dunville in Two Guys and a Girl), and Amber Dawn Fox (Officer Bello in The Walking Dead).

Peter said, “I found that interviewing them was a thoroughly enjoyable experience, especially when it came to thinking of the questions to ask them.

“I wasn’t overly star-struck as over the past couple of years I have been to comic conventions around the country and find that most celebrities are down to earth, pleasant people.

“The opportunity for my latest interviews came from a friend in the television industry in America. He told me about a show he had written and was working on called ‘Internity’ and I agreed to interview some of the cast to help promote the show; I didn’t know who they were going to be!”

Peter has also met a number of stars while travelling to conventions around the country, including Lou Ferrigno (The Incredible Hulk) and Ernie Hudson (Ghostbusters).

With over 77,000 followers on Twitter, Peter is hoping to use his readership to promote local causes.

He said, “I am a keen promoter of local people and talent and have worked with Westbury friends and musicians Jet Luckhurst and Jessica Vincent.

“I’m also on the lookout for local charities who may be interested in appearing on my site or local companies that may be interested in advertising on a website that is read around the world.”

Peter’s interviews will soon be published online at www.skatronixxx.com and you can follow him on Twitter at @skatronixxx.