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Decision to be made on ‘unwelcome’ new homes

WILTSHIRECouncil is due to decide this month  whether to allow 145 houses to be built on land near The Ham, against the wishes of local councils and residents.

Local opposition has continued to grow against  the Glenmore Farm development, which now has objections from Heywood Parish Council, Westbury Town Council, a number of local residents, and town councillors.

Heywood Parish Council, the authority for the planning area, has formally objected to developer Taylor Wimpey’s plans. The council’s main concerns were potential contributions to traffic on a fast and busy road, road safety for pedestrians and cyclists, and additional pressure on Westbury’s infrastructure and services.

Westbury Town Council, although not officially consulted, was invited to comment on the application. The town authority expressed similar concerns about road safety and pressure on Westbury’s infrastructure.

One point raised by the town council read, “Westbury has seen significant housing development in the past which has not been matched by an appropriate provision of services, facilities and new jobs.”

Both councils noted that the proposal went against Wiltshire Council’s Core Strategy.

Westbury town councillor David Jenkins submitted a call-in form, requesting that the application be specially considered by Wiltshire Council’s planning committee if it is recommended for approval.

Cllr Jenkins’ request reads, “The proposed development was not included in the recently adopted Wiltshire Core Strategy. It is outside of the settlement boundary, and it has a lack of sustainability and infrastructure. Westbury has already been overdeveloped.”

Another objection came from a group of residents who started a campaign called Stop Glenmore Farm Development. The group also objected to the proposal on the grounds that it is outside of Westbury’s town boundary, and would put extra pressure on roads, amenities, and services in the town.

The outline application was submitted by Taylor Wimpey in July this year. It shows an intention to build up to 145 residential dwellings, with public open space, engineering works and access roads.

For more details or to read comments, search planning application 15/07071/OUT on www.wiltshire.gov.uk