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Friends raise funds for local toddler

Family friends of two year-old Alexander Vinson are rallying together to raise money after he was diagnosed with a rare form of brain tumour. 

Alexander, who lives in Dilton Marsh, is receiving treatment for an atypical teratoid/rhabdoid tumour (AT/RT) which doctors discovered earlier this year.

Family friend Lilly Bale said, “When we found out Alexander was ill we immediately wanted to help the family, and people are always asking what they can do.

“We will be hosting a stall at Standerwick Car Boot Sale on Sunday 13th September. A car boot sale seemed the ideal thing because it means friends and neighbours can donate items to be sold, and we will donate the money to his parents, Phil and Raluca.

“They may not need money at the moment but the costs of petrol and parking to travel for treatment will add up, and they may need to buy equipment for Alexander in the future. You can never be prepared for this sort of thing and people really want to help.

“We’ve been in shock since this started and none of us can go back to normal life. It’s such a painful thing to see when you’re  used to seeing someone so often.”

Alexander’s mother Raluca said, “The fundraising is a great gesture; we didn’t ask for or expect help from anyone, but they chose to do it themselves. The money will be very helpful as we have to travel back and forth from hospital a lot.

“The group has been very supportive and we’re lucky to have friends like them.”

A Facebook page has been set up to post details of upcoming fundraisers; find it by searching ‘Alexander Vinson: AT/RT Fighter’.