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Improve your fitness at a new exercise class in Westbury

A NEW exercise class aimed at people with limited mobility will start in September at Westbury Leigh Church and Community Centre.

The classes will be run by fully qualified exercise instructor, Janice Moore, who is has over 40 years of experience.

Janice currently runs a dance fitness class on Friday mornings but will be extending the morning session to accommodate the new class. There are a few spaces still available in the first class.

Janice said, “I’ve taught exercise classes for Wiltshire College for 40 years but as far as I’m aware, there is a lack of classes in the Westbury area for people with limited mobility.

“As we age our bodies need to be kept active to ensure a good quality of life, so the more we can improve our fitness the better our lives will be.  As the old saying goes, ‘use it or lose it’. Also as people get older they lose their confidence so I hope taking my class will help them to feel sure about what exercises they can do safely.

“The objectives are to improve general fitness through increasing suppleness, easing joints and muscles. Increased strength can help prevent falls and improve posture.

“The social aspect is also important as I believe getting people out of the house and moving around is key to their overall wellbeing. As the weather gets worse, exercising outside isn’t as easy so the fact that it’s inside will provide a regular workout.

“Everyone is welcome, there are no barriers to levels of fitness or age but safety is a priority (as well as having fun and seeing the benefits) so if you are worried then speak to me or consult your doctor.”

The first session will be on Friday 11th September, 11.15am -12pm.

For more information call Janice Moore on 01373 832105.