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Westbury WI

Westbury WI held its monthly meeting on 16th July at the Chalford House Hotel.

Members were greatly entertained and amused by Ann Borden who spoke of the trials and tribulations of being a pig farmer – her tales are sadly not printable in a family newspaper!

Our next meeting in August will be our annual garden party, held in the grounds of one of our member’s homes. As this year is Westbury WI’s 75th anniversary it will be a rather grand affair and we can only hope the weather rises to the occasion too.

We meet on the third Thursday every month (apart from August) at the Chalford House Hotel at 7.00pm, and interspersed with the regular meetings we make day trips out.

This year we have been to visit two garden centres, where lunch has also been taken, and held skittles matches at the Crown in Westbury, where lunch is also taken. (Astute readers might see a pattern in this).

We are a most friendly and welcoming group, so if anyone is interested in joining us, please contact Veronyca Bates on 01373 865898.