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Sponsorship offer leaves a sour taste

ALOCALbusiness owner was left disappointed recently saying that an offer of sponsorship to help Westbury Town Council was ignored.

In March this year Matthew Rowe, director of Westbury company Hire Standards, offered to sponsor the town council’s new mayoral robes after local people became concerned by the cost of them.

After entering into discussions with the town council, Matthew was surprised to learn from a friend that the robes had been bought without his knowledge.

Matthew said, “I was gobsmacked. I thought I had done everyone a favour; ok I wanted some recognition for it but £1,000 is a lot of money.

“The fact that they had already been bought was brought up in a general conversation. I felt very disregarded and like my offer didn’t mean anything – I am  going to retract the offer as it seems like an empty gesture now. I wouldn’t offer the town council help like that again.”

In response to Matthew’s complaint to Westbury Town Council, he was told that the sponsorship arrangement was still believed to be in place, and that there were to be discussions about his interest in having a bench  honouring his sponsorship.

In May, Westbury’s mayoral robes were bought quickly in a move that saved the town council £370.

At a recent town council meeting the buying process was confirmed and it was noted; “Councillor Bradshaw went to Marlborough to inspect the robes which had only been worn on six occasions. On his return he mentioned to the clerk that they looked new and we [Westbury Town Council] were aware that if we did not act swiftly another town would purchase them.”