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Robin and the Sherwood Hoodies at Westbury Junior School

The family and friends of Westbury Junior School will be treated to a marvellous evening of song, dance and a fair amount of slapstick as the school drama club present Robin and the Sherwood Hoodies on Wednesday 15th July. 

When the evil Sheriff of Nottingham, played by Mackenzie, and his gormless guards threaten the villagers of Sherwood, feisty Maid Marion, played by Maddison, hires a band of freedom fighters for protection.

But when Robin, played by Freya, and his Merry Men arrive, she soon discovers they’re not exactly what she’d ordered! With no time to lose, she persuades these hapless heroes to take centre stage for the performance of their lives!

The children have been rehearsing since January and the show looks set to be one of the best the drama club has ever put on.  Tickets are available from the school office and cost £2.