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Edington Station Yard donates £750 to Bratton School

Mr Ian Bolton (headteacher) and Mrs Hazel Hall (admin officer) from Bratton Primary School visited the Edington Station Yard, accompanied by Beatrix Arnold and William Thomson from Year 4 and 5 on Tuesday 16th June.

Hazel explained the reason for the visit. She said, “We went there to meet Mr Bryan Mulligan-Scaife and Eric Mitchell, senior shareholders in the Yard.

“This meeting came about as the Edington Station Yard shareholders came forward and approached Bratton Primary School with an offer to donate some money to improve the provision of music within the school. This money (£750), it became clear, would be provided for three years to support and encourage the teaching of music across all the pupils.

“After the initial meeting with Bryan and Eric we were overwhelmed by the offer and delighted to be connected to a thriving and nurturing local business, embedding us further with the local community that we support.

“On the day we were shown the diverse businesses running from within the yard, ranging from coffee roasting, specialist car part distribution, bespoke woodwork, right up to handmade fibreglass boats.

“Bryan and Eric also talked us all through the transformation from a station yard to a business, including the restoration of some of the historic buildings and the plans for further work ahead. The visit culminated with the handing over of the first cheque, standing next to one of the more historic buildings in the Yard.

“Bratton Primary is extremely flattered by this donation and welcomes the support of such local businesses. We are currently planning how best to utilise the money across the three years to ensure music provision is not only enhanced, but continues to grow after the period of this additional funding is complete.

“It seems fitting that from the work of skilled local artisans, creating with their hands and their talent, that the next generation can also experience the joy of creating music, hopefully fostering a lifelong enjoyment of the arts, discovering some of their yet undiscovered talents.”