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Decision delayed for renewable energy centre

WILTSHIRECOUNCILhas delayed its decision for a second time on whether it will allow a 22 megawatt renewable energy centre to be built in Westbury.

The planning application was due to be discussed this week after the original decision date in April was pushed back following a request for a heritage impact assessment.

However, a Wiltshire Council spokesperson has confirmed that the decision has now been pushed back until “September at the earliest” because the applicant has been asked to produce a more thorough assessment.

Plans were submitted for the multi-million pound power plant last year, but the decision date was pushed back after more information was demanded about how the installation would affect the area.

It was suggested at the time that a decision would be made by 18th July, but one is not expected now until the autumn.

The advanced thermal treatment facility, planned  by Northacre Renewable Energy, would be built on Stephenson Road and could produce enough electricity to power 10,000 homes.

The plant would be beside Hills Waste Solutions’ existing Northacre Resource Recovery Centre, which would convert household rubbish into a usable fuel that would be heated 24 hours a day at the new facility.

Westbury Town Council last year objected to the plant over concerns about pollution and heavy traffic.

For more information or to see the plans, search planning application 14/12003/WCM at www.wiltshire.gov.uk.