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Community grant boost for The Laverton

Visitor experience has been improved at the Laverton following a community grant which has been used to update display facilities around the building.

A £6,150 funding boost was made available to the Laverton Institute  Trust through the Landfill Communities Fund (LCF), which is administered for Hills by Community First, the Rural Community Council for Wiltshire.

The funding was used to install electronic displays and improve display boards in the building.

A spokesperson for the Laverton said, “The Laverton Project has progressed well since it began in 2009 and has now reached phase 6 of its overall development. The building has benefited from a complete refurbishment, improvements to the building’s fabric and extensive re-equipping etc.

“At phase 6 we are concerned with maximising uptake and usage by the local community and our other target audiences.

“With these objectives firmly in mind, our funding application for this grant was concerned with introducing a comprehensive public information system consisting of four integrated digital screens, an external community notice board, and an external/internal display board.

“Since 1873 the Laverton Institute Trust has stated its aim as ‘the provision and maintenance of a venue and community centre for the inhabitants of Westbury.’

“Currently, the trust’s continuing aim is to develop the building to act as a contemporary, multi-functional venue for a number of groups including community organisations, businesses, and arts projects.

“This month the Laverton opened its doors to the public for the Westbury Remembers Project – the Chosen and the Fallen of WW1. We are hoping that with our new purpose display facilities, we were able to improve visitors’/Westbury resident’s user experience of our building.”

The Laverton on Bratton Road is nearly 150 years old, and is the home of Westbury Town Council. To find out more about the building and its development phases go to www.thelaverton.co.uk.