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Parked car damaged by a hit and run

A LOCAL couple are bewildered and upset after their parked car was shunted 15ft down the road and left in front of someone else’s drive causing significant damage. 

Jo Howes from Westbury is still in shock that the person drove off and didn’t leave any details. She said, “One person saw it and said it was a woman in a blue Peugeot. But she just drove off.  If it had been a pedestrian and not a car, she could have killed someone. We are really upset that someone could do this and not leave their details.”

The incident happened at around 10.30am on Sunday the 31st May. The witness called the police straight away but they did not arrive on the scene until just before 3pm. The car was blocking someone’s drive all that time, although luckily they had another entrance to use.

Jo said, “When the police eventually turned up, they were telling me we had to get it moved as soon as possible and if we couldn’t do it (my partner was at the swimming pool with keys at the time) they would charge us to move it themselves.

“I asked if we should ring them back and they said there was no point, without a reg number there is nothing they can do. We have since phoned them twice and the two women (PCSOs) who came hadn’t even written any of it up yet and there is no update.

“In the meantime we have interviewed the witness ourselves, spoken to the garage about their CCTV, put it on Spotted Westbury and now we have more information about the colour and the driver, I am going to start ringing the accident repair centres myself.

“We do have a crime number, although we had to ring and get this, the PCSOs didn’t give it to me. We are basically having to investigate it ourselves although there are cameras around Westbury, but the police don’t seem to be interested in looking into any of that. It’s so frustrating.”

“We live on Warminster Road, so we have to park away from our house. We usually manage to get a space on Orchard Road, and the people who live there are really nice and never complain, although it probably does get on their nerves. They all have driveways, so we don’t take up any of their space, they always speak and we know quite a few of them by name. We wish we had a drive, but until that day comes, we are really grateful that the witness was vigilant and that the residents of Westbury have tried to help us, because you don’t get much from the authorities.”