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MP re-elected with huge majority

LOCAL MP Andrew Murrison was re-elected to represent South West Wiltshire in the House of Commons, and will continue the role he has held for 14 years, after taking over half the vote on 7th May.

The Conservative candidate received 27,198 votes at this month’s election – a majority of 18,000 votes, 53% of the local electorate, and more than all the other candidates combined.

UKIP’s Matthew Brown came second with 9,030 votes (17%), followed by  George Aylett (Labour), 6,948 (13.5%), Trevor Carbin (Lib Dem) 5,482 (10.6%), and Phil Randle (Green) 2,985 (5.8%).

Andrew Murrison said, “I am delighted to have been returned with a greatly increased majority, which is truly humbling. I hope to repay the faith that has been invested in me by the voters in the months ahead.

“I’m returning to the backbenches after a career spent largely on the front and am looking forward to the challenges ahead and, in particular, helping the government to carry out the big pledges it made during the election and on which it must now deliver.”

Dr Andrew Murrison has been elected as MP for the Westbury constituency since 2001. The area became the new South West Wiltshire constituency in 2010.

He served as a medic for 18 years in the navy, and later as a Defence and Northern Ireland Minister. He lives near  Warminster with his wife, Jenny, and their five daughters.

The South West Wiltshire constituency covers Westbury, Warminster, Trowbridge, Mere and their surrounding villages.