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Election Day at Bitham Brook

Children in oak unit at Bitham Brook Primary School held their own elections on Thursday 7th May.

They organised parties and campaigns and produced their own campaign posters and materials.

In oak two class, the Pupil Power Party won. They were campaigning for more outdoor play.  In oak one class, the winning party was Green Clover, who were campaigning for animals and wildlife.

Some of the other parties running for election were UPick (an all-round fun party), CR7 (who worked on sporty activities), Supportives, who, like Green Clover, were all about animals and wildlife, and Sporter, who were all about sports, but they split and joined other parties.

One child from oak one class wrote, “I had a great day yesterday.  I felt like everyone in Green Clover had their voice heard and felt welcome.  It was enjoyable putting up posters to advertise our party…………It was interesting to see people join and leave parties.  Lots of people joined our party……. I didn’t know that politicians behaved so much like children….”