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Robots Rule at Matravers

STUDENTS from Matravers School were treated to a visit from the Bomb Disposal Unit arrived at school from Tidworth Garrison. 

The year 7 and 10 students are members of the Coding Club and the Robotic Group, where they have been devising and creating robots and programmes for the last few months.  The unit from Tidworth arrived at the school on 23rd April to show their “wheelbarrow” in action and even let the students control it from the van.

Sgt Arnold from Tidworth told the students all about the fascinating and often highly dangerous job that his team does.  He explained how the original machine had been transported in a wheelbarrow, hence the nickname.

GSM Diver outlined how the wheelbarrow protected the military on tours.  Students were fascinated by the role it played.  However, the best part of the day, as always, was the hands-on experience and a chance to touch and to control the million pound piece of equipment.  The students took turns manoeuvring, from the computer in the van, the robot’s arm to pick up a tennis ball from a distance.

Almost as much fun was the wearing of the protective clothing, which made everyone walk funny and was immensely heavy.  Ms Marsden, alternative provision progress leader even had a go at wearing it and commented that she was pretty sure she didn’t need its level of protection in her job!

The school said, “It was a brilliant event.  It was a unique opportunity for students and staff to see how their studies have a real role in society.  As Chris Orrell, Year 10 said “That robot was beast!”  A fair summary of a truly memorable day.”