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Gifted and talented Year 5 students are challenged at Matravers School

Year 5 students from across Westbury and Dilton Marsh were invited to attend a series of challenging events held at Matravers school on the 14th to 17th April. 

Phillipa Lewis, acting assistant head said, “Students got involved in a dance workshop where they had to choreograph their own pieces to a well known piece of music. This saw students using their talents to perform rolls and tumbles in partnership with some new ideas to come up with some stunning footwork.

“Next up was Science and an opportunity to build a pin hole camera and design a photographic print using sun paper. A great opportunity to talk about the science behind photography and how it has developed over the years.

“A Maths treasure hunt followed, designed and run by some of our very own home grown sixth formers who are currently studying A level Maths. This challenge sent our year 5 guests running around the school in search for clues to solve a question.

“Some highly complex maths was used to try and trip up the students but they were not to be foiled – instead rising to the challenge and solving the irksome riddles.

“Lastly it was on to English and drama where a gruesome tale of rats had to be wrestled with. A beastly code was set to crack which got the better of everyone, even the staff.

“It was a fantastic opportunity to meet some of the students from nearby schools and we look forward to meeting them all again soon in the next episode of challenging events.”