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HELP! … Volunteers and a cook needed

The White Horse Day Centre will now be running The Sunshine Club, also known as the Thursday Club, unfortunately this club had to close due to volunteer retirement and loss of funding. 

The White Horse Day Centre will now be open on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10.00am to 3.00pm. The club will be offering the same services on both days such as a three course lunch, tea and coffee and gentle exercise, and after lunch there will be activities such as talks, entertainment and games and there will also be outings.

The day centre is very important to local elderly people as they can meet friends, old and new, in a safe environment; take part in activities and outings if they choose, and the day centre also helps to combat loneliness and isolation.

To open on Thursdays the club urgently needs volunteers and a cook. If you have a few hours to spare every Thursday and would like to get involved with helping out, please contact Sue Ezra on 07816 991960 or email whitehorsedaycentre@gmail.com for further details.

Sue asks that you please help if you can as it would be a shame to lose this valuable asset to local elderly people.