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Small increase in Westbury town council precept

HOUSEHOLDSin Westbury can expect to pay an extra 18p per week this year, as a result of the town council’s increased precept.

The precept is a tax collected from every home in the town to help fund Westbury Town Council. The council has increased the amount for the year 2015/16 in order to maintain services in the face of cuts from Wiltshire Council.

Keith Harvey, town clerk said, “Although any increase is unwelcome it is felt that there is no alternative if we wish to preserve services and amenities under the current situation.

“Wiltshire Council are cutting more from their budget in the coming year and will be providing less and less in the way of services, and the town will be faced with deterioration unless they can provide some services themselves.

“The total precept in Westbury is still much lower in comparison with other towns in the area and the town council wish to be able to continue to provide the many services that benefit the community and the town.”