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New wellbeing clinic opens its doors

DEBBIE Detox is a new health and wellbeing clinic in Westbury which specialises in colonic hydrotherapy.

The therapy focuses on improving bowel health to help treat and relieve a number of conditions.

The clinic, set up by experienced therapist Debbie Kerfoot, is based at Courtleigh House in Westbury Leigh.

Debbie, who has a Master’s degree in exercise and nutrition said, “I adopt a naturopathic approach to colonic hydrotherapy, and believe in the positive benefits it can bring to an individual’s overall wellbeing.

“There can be many benefits to colonic hydrotherapy, such as the cleansing, toning and exercising of the colon and an increase in energy levels.

“It can help to treat primary bowel complaints like irritable bowel syndrome (IBS), and constipation. It can also help to relieve a number of other health issues such as allergies, asthma, headaches, and skin problems.”

Colonic hydrotherapy is more commonly known as colonic irrigation, and involves the use of water to flush waste material from the bowel.

Debbie says people are often pleased by how comfortable the procedure actually is.

Debbie said, “I get lovely feedback from all my clients and people always report a greater sense of wellbeing. People are always surprised by the experience of the treatment; it’s not at all painful and is a lot less intrusive than many people imagine. The tube is really no thicker than a pencil and not very long.

“The bowel is the biggest absorption organ in the body so many other organs benefit from the rehydration.

“Some people can benefit from just a single session, and others may want to have a few – the whole treatment process is done on an individual basis.

“I decided to set up the clinic in Westbury following the successful one I ran at the Leighton Recreation Centre in 2010. I love the community spirit in the town, and really enjoy getting to know people.

“My clinic is entirely professional and confidential, but also friendly, so please contact me with any queries.”

Debbie also works as a fitness instructor at the Leighton Recreation Centre, and is planning to further her knowledge of colonic hydrotherapy by studying it at Phd level.

To find out more about Debbie’s services, email her on debbiedetox@live.co.uk.