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Collision Academy stays on course

BOXERS from Collision Fight Academy have struck gold again after taking home two wins from ‘Gloves Up or Shut Up’ in Frome last month.

After a great win scored at the fight night at the Frome Football Club in January, Collision Fight Academy instructor Danny Sergiu was hungry for more when he took on a fight against Wigan’s Craig Liptrott.

The fight took place at the Cheese and Grain in February. Sergiu started strong with explosive and powerful shots. Liptrott was fighting back, and didn’t land many shots; it only took  69 seconds for Sergiu to KO his opponent with devastating hooks to the body.

The win brings Danny’s combined record to 19 wins, six losses, and three draws.

However, Collision’s highlight of the night was a grudge match between their own second instructor Kieran Hardy  and Paul Jenkins of Elevation martial arts in Frome.

The fight ran for three two-minute rounds before going to a unanimous points decision in favour of Hardy, who dominated every round and was the aggressor throughout the fight.

Collision Fight Academy owner and instructor Danny Sergiu said, “As always I am very proud of our achievement, and am grateful that we do what we do and are keeping a good winning streak.

“We are such a small club who don’t even own the premises where we train. We work full-time and run the club in our spare time, but there’s something about being small and unknown that makes us great fighters.

“We always try to please everyone, and even though we have such demanding  jobs and busy lifestyles, we still keep the club going strong.

“Currently we are running adult and children’s classes at Dynamik Gym in Westbury and also one class in Calne.

“Our personal training clients also seem very happy with our training.

“I would like to thank the people who always support us in our fighting careers. Whether they buy tickets to the fights, or just say good luck on Facebook, we appreciate it so much.

“Collision would also like to thank Badboy Supplements and Team Breakthrough in Box, who always sponsor our high-quality recovery supplements.”

Whether interested in fighting or just keeping fit, you can find out more about Collision Fight Academy at www.collisionuk.blogspot.co.uk.