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Dilton Marsh School “challenge 100”

This week has been 100 week – marking 100 days since the start of the academic year at Dilton Marsh School.

In school the whole school took part in a challenge based on the number 100.

Working in mixed age groups, the aim was to design and make a structure using just 10 pieces of A3 paper that would support a 100g weight 100cm above the floor. There were some very imaginative designs and two teams managed to complete the task.

Lime, Cherry and Ash classes have had lots of fun this week completing different challenges based around the number 100. In mixed groups the children had to design and create a picture using 100 squares of paper. They were not allowed to cut the squares and had to use all 100 – it proved to be trickier than it sounds! However, the finished results were tremendous.

The 100 step challenge was also a huge success, with lots of interesting final destinations at the end of the challenge.